Who are we

Bitcoin enthusiasts, just like you, who needed a place where like minded people could meet, we couldn’t find it. So we created it.
Some time in 2009, we purchased our first bitcoin and we still HDL it. Since then, we have traveled, networked, and studied with many investors both novice and expert. We now find ourselves involved in everything crypto related. The solutions to computational puzzles that could have real monetary value are fascinating for us. There was born the love of Blockchain technology. We have only seen the beginning of its power, and we know that the technology is here to stay. The spirit of freedom that it brings will shape the future, and we want to continue to be part of it. Our doors are open to sharing, debating and growing all we know and love with you.

For any inquiries, partnership or Franchise opportunities please write to: support@casacrypto.ca

Office Address: 413 Chabanel O, Montreal (QC) H2N 0E1

Phone Number: +1 (514) 507-CASA (2272)

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