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CASACRYPTO, home to digital currency & art discussions, training and trade, offers its visitors an unparalleled experience. CasaCrypto, in continuing with its innovative approach to finance and culture, is offering art in a way never seen before. CasaCrypto introduces the Art & Culture Initiative, partnering with global artists and dealers to digitize their artwork. A physical piece of art incarnated into a unique asset on the blockchain; an NFT. When you purchase the art, you get both the unique physical and the digital piece.
CasaCrypto carefully curates the artists and the dealers to insure they bring you the most in- credible and valuable experience
You can display and sell your NFT on our digital exhibition inside our shop. All of our clients will see your digital art piece and will be able to buy it.

Allan Anawati

Art collector
Casacrypto has decided to combine real antiquity pieces with their NFTS. see the Medusa-art collections.

Casacrypto team

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